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Whether you are enquiring about our car or motorcycle gearboxes or about our car and motorcycle parts, or even just have a question, fill out the form below. We will be in touch soon!

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Car Gearbox Parts Details

which should be located on the foot under the flange
Please click here for photos and descriptions of our parts that are most frequently requested

Car Gearbox Details

Click on this link to see if you need to also get a quote for an accessory. Look for your engine/motor type and see if you need a bell housing (not automatic), adaptor or Tilton Throw Out Bearing for your system to run.
We also sell a linkage kit (dual shifter) and a single shifter which drivers buy to operate their gearbox with.
Please select if you would like a quote on one or both.

Motorcycle Gearbox Parts Details

with as much information as possible such as whether it is a kick-start

Motorcycle Gearbox Details

Do you require a kick-start version? *
Not available in B.A.R, Burman and LW55
What type of input shaft? (AMC Gearboxes ONLY)
Click on this link to see diagram of shaft sizes. AMC Gearboxes ONLY.
What direction would you like your selector drum to turn from first gear. *

Parts required

Click "Add Part" to enquire about more than one part
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