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Why TTI sequential race gearboxes are the best

TTI gearboxes come out on top when you consider price, shift lightness, durability, brand power and reputation, design and appearance, service and parts options, according to a Japanese distributor.

In a recent customer survey A.P.J. Active Products Japan distributor Atsushi Hirano outlined why he recommends TTI gearboxes over 10 other brands worldwide.

These are the reasons he says his customers should choose a TTI sequential race gearbox:

  1. TTI gearboxes are strong and can withheld high torque – they are rated to 750 f/p of torque. Atsushi says his Japanese users’ gearboxes are proof of this with no gearbox destruction due to an imbalance between torque and gearbox durability.
  2. Famous and successful drift racers use TTI boxes for three seasons or more with no problems with regular maintenance checks.
  3. TTI gearboxes are easier to install than other sequential models due to a thin body and compact shape.
  4. TTI is a small personal company with staff open and happy to talk with and help customers.
  5. The TTI gearbox structure is simple which makes it easy to open, check and overhaul to keep in perfect condition.
  6. Part replacement is generally cheaper than competitors.
  7. TTI designers are of an open mind and listen to requests and opinions from all users.

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Great distributor service

As a distributor, Atsushi also adds value to what he provides to TTI customers. He keeps the price of parts he on-sells at an affordable level. He also promises quick service for his customers by keeping a complete gearbox at his base so he can get parts to users within one or two days. Active Products also supplies Japanese translated instructions to help users get the most out of their TTI sequential race gearboxes. Atsushi offers a quick quotation and phone service so customers can phone him to ask about technical issues including installation. His close and open relationship with TTI and frequent communication means he is well prepared to help his customers. Find out more about Active Products Japan and the TTI gearboxes it sells.

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