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TTI Sequential Race Lightweight Gearbox Now Available For Low Powered Race Cars To Accelerate Off The Start Line Faster And Be Efficient On The Race Track. 

TTI sequential race lightweight gearbox ready to hit the race tracks

Low powered race cars now have a new weapon to help accelerate off the start line faster and be more efficient on the race track.  TTI sequential race gearbox manufacturers this week released the new lightweight (LW75) after an 18 month development process.

TTI director and designer Bruce Verdon says the LW75 is aimed at naturally aspirated (non-turbo) vehicles.  The new LW75 weighs in at about 28Kg, 20 % lighter than a standard TTI gearbox.  The new gearbox will help racers of low powered race cars move quicker off the start line and the lower weight will be an advantage in racing, Bruce says.

LW75 gearboxes have magnesium cases rather than the standard alloy case and also have smaller lighter gears.  They are rated for vehicles with up to 350HP and at this stage are only available in 6 speed.


Contact TTI for a quote.


New TTI sequential lightweight summary:

6 Speed only

Magnesium Case

Weighs under 28kg

20% lighter than a standard 6 Speed gearbox

Rated up to 350HP


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