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Faster shift times. Rowan Bainbridge drifts using a TTI gearbox

The benefits of driving a TTI race sequential gearbox

Ease of gear changing and faster shifting allows users of the TTI sequential race gearbox time to concentrate on driving and beating the competition,  Pro-Sport NZD1 drifter Rowan Bainbridge says.

Rowan, a driver in the D1NZ Pro-Sport Series which started this month, bought a second hand TTI gearbox and fitted it to his RB this year. Rowan says he chose TTI due to it being New Zealand-owned, operated and based.  He also loves the fact that TTI gearboxes are rated to support the power of harsh driving conditions in the drifting scene and provide reliability.  “I wanted peace of mind knowing that the money invested into attending event and race meets won’t be wasted due to mechanical drivetrain breakdowns”, he says. Rowan chose a sequential gearbox over an H pattern for fast gear changes and the fact that using a sequential gearboxes eliminates the chance of selecting the incorrect gear.

TTI gearbox performed “flawlessly”

After completing the first Pro-Sport Series round this month, Rowan has this to say about how his gearbox went:  “It performed flawlessly for the nature of the  Taupo track.  I was able to to be in close proximity with the lead car by changing gears quickly and just focus on the driving which was great. There was no crunching during high rpm gear changes with the dog engagement gears, faster shifting time off the throttle, ease of gear changes, more time with hands on the wheel to concentrate driving” he says.

A few hitches, such as rain making the track slippery and the loss of a throttle linkage nut causing Rowan’s Nissan S13 to spin, saw Rowan slip back to 17th place after at one stage looking at a score which would have placed him 5th.  “I was disappointed to say the least,” Rowan says.

Aiming to use TTI sequential race gearbox to gain a podium finish

His season goal is to place in the top ten for the season and gain at least one podium finish. Look out for Rowan in his Nissan 13 with the big TTI logo on the side.  He next competes at the Baypark Speedway in Tauranga on February 28/29.  The following and last two Pro-Sport Series events are at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park Waikato on March 27 and 28th and the final at Pukekohoe on May 8 and 9.  See how other racers have used TTI sequential race gearboxes to make the podium.

Rowan competed in the full Pro-Sport season in 2017/18, finishing 19 out of 40 competitors with only one season of track driving behind him.  Last season major breakdowns before qualifying meant he was out of action before the proper racing began.  He broke two driveshaft and gearboxes two events in a row.  “It was proving too costly to continue until I was able to afford to take the step up to the next level of gearbox which is the TTI.”

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