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“Value for money” TTI sequential race gearbox hope for continued racer success

Using a “value for money” TTI sequential race gearbox in top notch condition is the reason for Temuka OSCA winner’s success. Gary Duncan has secured three second placings and one overall win in recent South Island OSCA seasons. He puts his success down to his “bullet proof” TTI sequential race gearbox and regular services and oil changes which mean he is on the track to earn points.

And this is the strategy Gary plans to use again this year in the 2019/20 Open Saloon Car Association season which includes demonstration races and celebrations to mark the OSCA 50th anniverary.

Gary was placed second overall last season and in two earlier seasons, also gaining 1st place in his class. In the 2017/18 season Gary took out both 1st in his GT2 class and 1st overall. He is aiming to repeat this in the coming season using his trusty TTI 5 speed OD gearbox and LS2 Chev engine in his Mazda RX7 batman.

Regular maintenance is important

Gary says the secret to is racing success is having a strong well maintained vehicle so he can consistently turn up to compete rather than missing a round due to his vehicle being off the track for repairs. “My relative success is that I am consistently strong and turn up.”

That attitude sees Gary take good care of his TTI sequential race gearbox by changing the oil after every meeting and getting the box serviced after every season. The box does not take a lot of oil so it is a small cost to do this, he says. See the TTI maintenance blog.

TTI sequential race gearbox good value for money and customer service

Gary says that overall the TTI sequential is a good option for racers. “For the price I think they are the strongest box out there. What I like is that I can ring the guys up there – I’m not just a number.” Gary loves the sequential shifting of the TTI and says it is a good bullet proof gearbox with a fast gear change. Read comments from others about TTI race gearboxes.

OSCA top place getters both use TTI gearboxes

Gary says it is worth noting that overall first and second places in the Osca competition last season both went to drivers with TTI sequential race gearboxes. Overall first place winner went to Laine Etwell who races a 6 speed TTI gearbox in his Pontiac and of course Gary was overall second place winner.

Gary says OSCA is for drivers of all ages who range from racers in their 70s down to late teens. ” A lot of these guys don’t like being kicked by a Grandad,” says Gary, who is aged 59. One driver aged in his 70s has won overall five or six times.

Comradeship and community big at OSCA

Comradeship and community are really big in the OSCA racing scene, Gary says. There are plenty of Friday night pre-race BBQs at participants’ houses and drivers help each other out. He says no one wants to damage another racer’s car as they know first hand how much work has gone into each vehicle.

He says the OSCA series is the “quintessential Kiwi ingenuity racing series” with pretty much any class, engine, shape from 1600cc to 6 litres to be found. “You race what you’ve got,” he says and many cars are modified and built by drivers leading up to the series.

There are six meetings over each OSCA season with four races at each event at which drivers race to gain points The upcoming season will also see a three round festival event added to the schedule to celebrate the 50th anniversary. Organisers hope to attract cars such as older Capris and famous names from way back and provide some bigger and better trophies, Gary says.

OSA President Evan Hunt says the organisation is looking for OSCA cars that competed in any round up until 1995 (spaceframe by application only) and similar North Island sport sedans of the era too for demonstration races.

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  1. […] His season goal is to place in the top ten for the season and gain at least one podium finish. Look out for Rowan in his Nissan 13 with the big TTI logo on the side.  He next competes at the Baypark Speedway in Tauranga on February 28/29.  The following and last two Pro-Sport Series events are at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park Waikato on March 27 and 28th and the final at Pukekohoe on May 8 and 9.  See how other racers have used TTI sequential race gearboxes to make the podium. […]

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